I am a Pigg owned by a wonderful Master. He took ownership of me about 6 years ago in 2013. The first post in the blog explains our meeting and how I became his pigg. Ever since then we’ve been on a journey exploring this amazing relationship.

I am also in an open relationship for over 20 years. My loving partner knows this is something I need and supports my relationship with my Master.

My adult life has seen many adventures and changes. I’ve been all over the world, climbed some of the highest mountains, trekked into the Amazon, lived and taught in the tropics. I’ve been both faithful monogamous husband and freaky internet escort. However, none of my experiences has been more meaningful or fulfilling than my journey as a slave. Going to my Master, kneeling at his feet, offering myself in complete servitude is such a liberating experience. My only purpose becomes my Master’s happiness. And for him to be happy, I need only obey. It is a very simple relationship. I think this is what makes it so profound. There is not much to navigate. I kneel, I service, I obey.

Service can be many things and it all depends on the mood and taste of my Master. Sometimes service is as simple as sucking his cock as he plays on the internet or watches a movie. Sometimes it means taking his fist. He loves to use me as his urinal. When he’s feeling aggressive I serve him by getting slapped and whipped and flogged. I wear the bruises and welts with pride. And sometimes it means simply kneeling and worshipping his feet as he lets another man use me. The only thing I need to say is “Yes SIR.”

Obeying my Master is also a very easy thing to do. I know he owns me and, as his property, he will protect and cherish me. He won’t put me in harms way. He’ll use me until fulfilled and then put me away until he is ready to use me again.

So that’s who I am: a pigg, a slave, someone’s property.

Now we are in a new phase of our journey. My Master wants his property to change its appearance. He wants his property to piss from a new hole. He wants to take his property’s balls and put them on a keychain. He wants his slave to transform his cock and balls into a clit and pussy.

“Yes SIR!”

This blog is about his slave’s evolution. This will be explained more in detail in the blog, but in general we are on a 3 step path:

  1. To give his pigg a urinary reroute
  2. To castrate his slave so I become his Eunuch
  3. To finally have vaginoplasty so I am his Eunuch with a vagina.

It’s going to be an amazing, painful, scary, and fulfilling adventure. We hope you’ll enjoy sharing it with us.