2nd Attempt! Sept 4

As you read in my previous post, we never got to the actual piercing but we did feel confident that our next attempt would be much more successful and less stressful. Since then I also did some research on numbing cream for piercing and I bought a nice jar of that.

This night was our second attempt at piercing my urethra, creating a new minipussy and plugging it with an 8g or 6g plug so it could heal. We both thought the plug would help keep it clean and I would not need to piss through it while it healed.

Sir and I went to a hotel room this time so we would have no distractions. He said we needed to just get right to it, no hesitations, and just make the hole! “YesSIR”

We got in the room and I set out the pee pad, the sterile gauze, the needles, plugs and gloves. I had already smeared the numbing cream on my taint and it was quite numb and I’m glad I did.

This time I taped the receiving tube and sound together, marked the sound with a sharpie again to see where the angle was, lubed up and just relaxed and let the device sink into my cock. It was MUCH easier this time with a lot less blood. We got the tube in place, I lay back, Sir held my balls out of the way with one hand and pierced me with the other. Fuck it was a great sensation. I was so excited I was going to get a mini pussy behind my balls! Here’s a picture of the needle in place before he pulled it out.


Master took out the needle and then tried to put the plug in place. No go. It wouldn’t go into the hole. I backed the tube out, took it off the sound, and then inserted just the sound (soooo much easier!) Our goal was to find the hole with the sound and slide the sound out the hole, then follow the sound back in with the plug. Unfortunately, I could not find any way out of my urethra. Fuck!!!

The hole on the outside was plain to see. But somehow, the path through to the urethra had moved. We both think that once he let go of my balls everything moved and there was no finding it again. I pulled out the sound and he tried to find it going in through the hole on the outside. Now he was just pushing the sound between layers of tissue. So, after an hour of trying to get an open hole he could follow, we once again decided to stop, let this attempt heal, and then try again another time.

I’m sure the next time I’ll be posting pictures of my new plugged reroute!

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