The First Attempt! June 5, 2019

We decided to make our first attempt at cutting my reroute. I was pretty nervous because I wasn’t very sure how this was going to work out, how much it would hurt and how much it was going to bleed. I was also very excited to start our journey to create a new minipussy for me until I can have a real one made.

Receiving tube

I ordered several sizes of piercing lances and several matching sizes of receiving tubes (8g, 6g, 4g). The plan was to slide the receiving tube down my urethra with a sound attached to one end. Then, once it was in place, Master would pierce me with the lance and then put in a small earlobe plug to let the reroute heal. Once it was healed then I could replace it with larger and larger plugs and stretch the reroute over time.

I got to Master’s home about 5:30 p.m. and we laid out all the lances, plugs, alcohol, sterile gauzes and gloves. He loves to shave his pigg so he spent some time getting the area nice and smooth. I think this relaxed us both because really, neither one of us knew what to expect.

The next step was to get the receiving tube down my cock. I have been sounding for  a while so the idea of sliding the receiving tube down my urethra wasn’t foreign to me, but they are not as smooth as a sound is! Also, Master was afraid of the sound coming out of the other end of the tube so we taped it. Have you ever felt tape rasping against the inside of your urethra? Fuck, it hurts!

Finally, I lubed up the tube and sound and started sliding it down my dick. Oh my god!! It was a pretty rough start. When I get excited I get aggressive and so, rather than just relax and let it slide down naturally I forced it. So, naturally, I started to bleed. That freaked me out and I pulled the tube back out. I relaxed a little bit, added a LOT more lube and then went in again. This time it slid down a lot easier because I just layed back and let gravity do the work. This time we got the tube in place.


New problem! The receiving tube has an angled opening and we couldn’t really tell by feeling through the skin if we had the tube in the correct position, namely, angled opening facing out. So, I pulled the tube out and then we marked the sound with a sharpie so we’d know which way the tube was facing.

Third time I slide the tube and sound down my dick, with the edges of the tube and the tape rasping against my urethra and we finally get the tube in place, facing in the right direction. So now, its been about an hour, and we’re not sure exactly which needle to use. More discussion. And at this point I lose my nerve. I’m bleeding out the tip of my dick and we haven’t even pierced me yet. I asked Master if we could stop and he agreed we needed to back up and regroup. I withdrew the tube from my cock and wrapped the tip in tissue. We decided to stop for the evening and come back to this when we both felt confident we could get the job done. I think we both left the evening feeling like it was a great dry run and that at our next attempt Sir would make the reroute and give his slave a new hole to piss and cum through.

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